tranquility facial
perfect for all skin types. includes massage and warm steam to relax and open pores. skin is cleansed, exfoliated, nourished and renewed80+
soothing relief
botanical extracts repair and strengthen to reduce redness, rosacea and inflammation95+
hydra peel
perfect for brides or before any event! dual exfoliation promotes smooth texture. absorption of 56 biological nutrients nourishes skin. vitamin c mask helps to lighten hyper pigmentation110+
penetrates deep within the skin to purify, oxygenate and revitalize a dull, lifeless complexion. this is a guinot exclusive100+
age logic
enriched with cellular life complex, pure vitamin c and hyalurornic acid. cutting edge antioxidants promote cellular regeneration125+
lift sumum
ultimate facial for firming and toning! Restores firmness and density to the skin from the inside out. 125+
chemical peel
excellent for balancing acne, oily and dry skin. skin resurfacing stimulates new cell growth refining texture and clarity95+
excellent for minimizing skin imperfections and enhancing skin clarity. proven to have results improving many skin conditions including acne, age spots, wrinkles, mild scars, and stretch marks. inlcudes the neck. (ask for package pricing)110 - 130 - 150+
teen facial
anti-bacterial facial targeting acne. Extraction helps purify skin while exfoliation prevents future breakouts80+